[Turismo] Ayudemosle a revolucionar el turismo en los sitios arqueologicos

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From: "Ed Barnhart" edbarnhart en mayaexploration.org
Sent:  February 09, 2013 

I am in the process of developing a new app for mobile devices that use
their GPS ability, without using costly cell data, to navigate the site of
Tulum in any way you want.  At each building and feature it will provide in
depth information, the kind of archaeologically sound information we wish
more people had access to.  Just by pointing their phone at a building,
people can learn all about it.  Or if they want to find a specific building
or feature, their phone will guide them there.  Even for people with no
plans to visit Tulum, it will like an e-book on Tulum in app form, in both
text and audio formats.

To fund the idea, I've started an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and in
only the first two days I'm already at 40% of my funding goal.  Of
Indiegogo's 164 pages worth of "new this week" campaigns, my project is one
page 1, just shy of being featured on their homepage.  If I can get just a
few more people to fund it, even at the $1 level, it will hit their homepage
this weekend and my idea will be exposed to 1000's more people.  So, I'm
reaching out to the Aztlan community and asking for your support.  All the
details of my plan and the video I've made describing it can be found at:


Please watch my video and consider helping me create a brand new way for
people to visit archaeological sites!


Dr. Edwin Barnhart
Director, Maya Exploration Center
3267 Bee Caves Rd
Suite 107-161
Austin, TX 78746
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